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World Outreach

world_transparent_glass_1600_clrThis Sunday at CA we’re having a special day of worship in celebration of the world outreach of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We will have international visitors and speakers with us to share their perspective on the Good News.  The service begins at 11:00 AM and dress is casual.  Food will be provided after the service for those that would like to hang around and get to know our guests.  If you have a passion or interest in God’s work in other nations, you are welcome to join us.

 What’s Happening This Week…

  • Thursday – Food Pantry, 4:00-6:00 PM
  • Thursday – Sunday School Teachers’ Meeting 6:00 PM
  • Saturday – VOCA Practice, 10:00 AM

Upcoming Events

  • Sunday School Family Movie Night, Aug. 6
  • Sunday School Returns, Aug. 14
  • Labor Day, Sept. 5
  • Michael Cotten, Oct. 2
  • Holy Ghost Weenie Roast, Oct. 31
  • Drive-Thru Christmas, Dec. 7-10

E-Mail/Text Prayer Chain: Marrie Bigelow @ 919-698-2409