CA’s World Outreach…

???????????????????????????????CA is involved in supporting indigenous ministries and has sent workers around the world. We take seriously our responsibility to help complete the Great Commission of Jesus from Matthew 28:18-20.

The People of Central Asia & The Middle East

In 1997, CA adopted a group of people that were unengaged and unreached with the Gospel. We dedicated ourselves to promoting the Christian faith within the nations where this group of people reside.  We work with other churches and ministries around the world to promote the Good News of Jesus and pray that our adopted people will come to know the love of God through His Son.

When we began this relationship there were very few followers of Christ. We’re happy to say that there are now thousands of believers and dozens of churches and church planting networks. However, persecution has been intense. Christians continue to face fines, loss of jobs and homes, imprisonment, torture, and death simply for believing in Jesus Christ.  In spite of opposition, the church continues to grow.

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Over time we have found many ways to fulfill this calling. Due to security concerns we can’t provide information on this work. But it is safe to say that we are involved in providing translation, training, networking, support, resources, assistance, and encouragement to our persecuted brothers and sisters.  We marvel at what God has done and continues to do to save them from a life without Jesus.

Ross Family Ministries

Kevin & Elaine Ross
P.O. Box 31292
Raleigh, NC 27622-1292

Kevin and Elaine Ross and their daughter Rebecca are members of CA but Ross Family Ministries reaches much farther than our local area. Whether Kevin is appearing as his alter-ego, Irvin D. Clown, or one of his other VBS characters, working as a child and adult evangelist, or as an instructor for evangelism and children’s ministry, the Ross family is dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Working with churches and on the streets of the United States, Canada, Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, Honduras, Japan, and Ethiopia Kevin has led over 100,000 people to salvation in Jesus Christ.

Jamaica Missions Feb 2013 009CA supports the Ross family to fulfill their calling from God. Elaine has appeared as Rosebud, Irvin D. Clown’s wife and as Kevin’s assistant in the illusion show. Now Elaine serves in an administrative role and their daughter Rebecca assists on stage. They have recently returned from Japan as Rebecca is preparing to be a missionary.  The testimony of Elaine’s deliverance from cancer and the miracle of Rebecca’s birth is part of their story.  Their family is the basis for their ministry and their gratitude to God is the reason for their work.

With an incredible testimony to the faithfulness and grace of God, the Ross family continues to inspire others to faith and service in the Lord Jesus Christ.