At Easter we celebrate because the tomb where Jesus was buried was found empty. His followers realized that He is not dead but alive! After that first Easter though, it wasn’t the empty tomb that became the symbol of the Christian faith, it was the cross. Ever wonder why?


The women at the empty tomb by He Qi

There are some good reasons the early church identified with the cross. The message of the cross is about mankind’s relationship with God and the need for a sacrifice. Why would God need someone to die in our place? What kind of God would kill His own Son? What does the cross mean to us today? These are hard questions that deserve an answer. You may have noticed that life is not always wonderful. We want you to know that God is there for you not only in the good times, but also when life is hard and painful; when questions and doubts come in waves.

Our services are at 9:00 and 11:00 AM on Sunday morning. We have a nursery available during the message at both services and our children’s ministry, Kingdom Quest, starts at 11:00 for kids ages 3-12. Dress is casual.

Whatever your relationship with God, skeptic, agnostic, atheist, or believer, you are welcome.