Sometimes, a lot. Take the Bible for instance. There’s a lot in there. Just try sitting down and reading through it one time. You’ll discover a lot of stuff that has to do with God, people, history, geography, culture, the spiritual, the supernatural, the future, yourself, Jesus Christ, and much more.

Of course all books are not equal. Usually the ones that take a long time to develop are worth the read. This Sunday at 1:00 PM we’re going to premiere a new book, “Reflections on a Long Life,” by seasoned author, Elizabeth Krynski.


At 92, Elizabeth is the oldest member of CA. In addition to her work as an author, she is a former teacher and an accomplished violinist. Until her husband’s death in 1989 she was married for 37 years to Magnus John Krynski, former chairman of Slavic languages at Duke University. Her book contains her biography, poetry, and other writings. This is a book with a lot worth reading and learning.

CA is very pleased to host a reception and book signing Sunday at 1:00 PM. Copies of “Reflections of a Long Life” will be available at no charge and the public is invited to attend. Why don’t you join us for church at either 9:00 or 11:00 AM and stick around for the reception? You’ll get to meet the author and receive a free signed copy of the book. We think you’ll find the insights the author shares worth your time. Hope to see you at CA on Sunday.