This Sunday morning is the last message in the sermon series, “Getting To Know Jesus.” Most people, even casual readers of the Bible, don’t really know much about Jesus. We hear a lot of conflicting information and we have ideas from childhood, what other people have said, what we read in a magazine or saw on TV, what some preacher said, or a movie we have seen; but most don’t have much personal knowledge about who Jesus was and is. The Bible says some pretty amazing things! For instance, did you know that Jesus had brothers and sisters? Or that when His step-father Joseph wasn’t around He took care of His family until He was 30 by working as a carpenter? Or that He performed 36 incredible miracles? Or that He didn’t spend all His time in church or with religious people?
If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the real Jesus straight from the Bible, you’ll want to come to hear this message, Sunday morning at both the 9:00 and 11:00 AM services. There is a nursery during the message at both services for children under the age of 3, and our dynamic children’s ministry is open during the 11:00 service for children ages 3-12. This is a great message for anyone that is new to Christianity and long-time believers alike. Invite a friend and come learn more about this amazing man!