LAST DAY! The CA Men’s Conference, God & Man is being held this morning (Saturday) 9:00 AM-Noon with a continental breakfast at 8:00 AM. When you come you will hear from men who have succeeded in the fight all Christian men are facing today. Pastor Dub Karriker, Judge James T. (Jim) Hill, GCI leader Michael Cotten, and Pastor Ron Butler are our speakers. These leaders are equipped to provide the tools men need to be a true Man of God in the situations they face daily.

The best part of this conference is that it won’t take a lot of your time. It won’t take a lot of your money; it only costs $5 per session. You’ll get breakfast and the book, “How to Get Promoted” by GCI leader, pastor, and author Michael Fletcher. How sweet is that? You’ll also meet other men who are seeking the same thing you are. Best of all, you’ll get better connected with God. You’ll understand what He is asking of you, and you’ll learn how God will help you succeed.

If you need more information, just email us or call us at (919) 471-0220. This conference is open to all men age 12 and up. Just show up at the door. We want to see you there!