This Wednesday thru Friday all the members of CA are going to participate in three days of prayer and fasting for one of our members who is living with cancer. Now why would we do that?

Fasting is one way that we can get beyond our natural tendency toward being self-centered and begin to get closer to God’s heart and mind. As we deny ourselves of the food our bodies crave, our spirit has the chance to hear and feel what God hears and feels. As we pray and fast we become more attuned to the spiritual nature of our relationship and communication with God. We begin to touch, human Spirit to Holy Spirit. If you haven’t ever tried it, or want to just stretch spiritually, you can join us. Skip a meal, or part of your normal diet, or even take a day off from food altogether and whenever you think about it, pray. Talk with God and see what happens.

We’re expecting to hear from God about our friend’s health. What is it that you want from God? Check out the Sermons link to hear more.